Volunteering to assist the ICS founding team offers  a unique chance to work with talented and passionate group of parents and educators to build a new charter school. You would play a central part in the planning of the school from the ground up.  The ICS Trustees seek group-of-teachersindividuals with leadership, instructional and management experience who are passionate about making an impact on the lives of children in Brooklyn.  Successful candidates will be involved in all aspects of planning for the school as we prepare to open in August 2015.

Upon receipt of our charter ICS will hire an Executive Director (“ED”), a Principal, a Director of Operations and a Coordinator of Special Education.  Planning team members will be well positioned to apply for such roles, as well as other positions at the school. The planning team will work closely with the school’s Trustees to refine the design of the school, plan curriculum and instruction, and recruit students.

After August 2015, the ED will have overall responsibility for the operations of the school, as well as relationships with the school’s partners, including the MakerBot Foundation, Copland House and others, and with our larger Brooklyn community. The Principal will head the instructional and teacher-mentoring functions of the school, reporting to the ED but with a dotted line relationship to the Trustees.

Job Descriptions

Executive Director


Director of Operations

Special Education Coordinator