New York City Charter schools are open to all New York State children.

If approved by the Charter School Institute, ICS hopes to open for about 110 kindergarten and first grade students in September 2015.

Each year thereafter we will expand by one grade until we reach 5th grade, when we expect to serve about 550 children.  If we are successful in serving our kids’ needs we will seek permission to expand to 8th grade when we apply for renewal in 2018.

If more than 110  students apply, ICS is required to conduct a lottery.  State law requires that lottery preference be given first to children living in Community School District 13.

Prior experience suggests that most charter schools are under-enrolled in their initial years, so in the fall of 2015 we hope to be able to serve children from across Brooklyn.

To be added to our mailing list  and stay abreast of developments, please email us at info@icsnyc.org or call (212) 920 – 4487