Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools that accept external accountability in exchange for greater autonomy from traditional government rules.

New York City charter schools are open to all students in New York State and are free to parents. Charters receive less money per pupil than traditional district schools, but their funding comes from the same tax receipts. Charter school budgets can be supplemented with fundraising just as in a traditional public school.

CSI-1ICS will submit its application to The Charter School Institute (“CSI”) of the State University of New York or the State Education Department (SED) in 2015. Their reviewers will assess whether we have outlined credible pedagogical, management and financial plans for achieving the impact described in our application.

Although ICS cannot rely on a commitment at this early date, our research indicates there are several suitable buildings in the Brooklyn neighborhoods where we would like to open. ICS is considering a range of options and negotiating commercial alternatives in the event public space is not available.